About Us

What is Vintage Redefined and how did this all happen?

We are a couple of pickers who love the raw vintage & rustic items. We have traveled near and far to source out some of the coolest finds and in turn resell them to the public 🙂

Many of the vendors at the Vintage Redefined Market are friends we have met through our years of buying & selling these fun pieces. We have all had our share of being vendors at markets. Through that we have learnt a lot about what we like and dont like, what we would change and do differently – Well this got us talking and planning what is sure to be one heck of a great market!

Vintage Redefined is a new style of market appealing to both men and women, those who love the raw rustic to the well polished silver. You will truly find something for everyone.

One of the best features is the diversity of vendors! We have over 25000 sq ft filled with true vintage, antiques, oil & gas, rustic, vintage clothing, furniture makers, mid century modern, reclaimed, jewelry, retro, pin up, records, collectibles, vintage video games, comics & more!
Its YOUR market – tell us what you love, like and even dont like so much, we are here to take the good and the bad so each and every market can be even better! We believe strongly in community, not competition and will market the heck out of our vendors no matter where they are! Being vendors our self we have been through the rigmarole of good markets and not so good markets – This market is for you – the vendor & the shopper! We are pouring every bit of love, energy and time to making this YOUR market! We have everything from move in, move out help available to helpers to help customers out to their vehicle with their purchases!

The NEW vintage market with purpose! This ain’t your average tea time at grandma’s house – We have an exciting venue filled with treasures sure to delight and excite men and women alike!